• At R.K. E-Recycling International LLP
  • Our sale team will call the originization who has e-waste material, Once you’ve organised a collection with one of our sales team, the rest is up to us. We will arrange for a transport the driver will arrive and  call you on approach to make sure you’re ready. We will also re-confirm the price of your collection. before he begins to load the truck.  Once we’ve loaded up the day’s ewaste onto the truck, it’s taken to our Factory at vasai
  • Once we receive the material at our factory , we will first initially weigh the product and write the Kilos in our register. Our Engineers will and separate the product  like  (monitors, CPUs,  keyboards, Hardisk, Dvd, laptop , printer, battery,   etc).  The material is then handed over to our technical team to ascertain wether there is any working parts , If there are any working parts it will be kept aside for remarketing and non- working parts will  kept aside for dismantaling and recycling.
  • Manual Dismantling of parts .
  • Hands on Segregation.
  • Shredding.
  • Reduce it to small size
  • Degaussing all hard drives, floppy disks, magnetic tape, and other IT media
  • Metallic & Non-Metallic Content – aluminium, copper and brass are manual separated from the non-metallic content. The metalllic can then be reused and resold as raw materials.
  • Wire and cable will be stripped by cable stripper to remove copper .
  • Plastic granulation and bailing of metal will be done.
  • That portion of e-waste which contains hazardous elements and cannot be recycled is sent to authorised hazardous waste treatment and disposal facilities for final disposal as per the norms of the Pollution Board.
  • Raw material like plastics, metal, Copper ,aluminium and other items will be sold to dismantlers.


CPU , Laptops, Printers and other electronics and Electrical parts will be manually dismantled by us.


Hard disk, Ram, SMPs, DVD, Processor, Motherboard. Plastic body ,

Iron , copper, aluminum, will be separated .

Then check all parts and separate working and non- working parts, non working will be given to recyclers for recycling. Plastic parts will be put in Plastic granulator and granules will be made. Cable will be stripped and copper will be separated and used as raw materials and sold to smelters.